Cable harnesses for photovoltaics

They are a collection of electrical cables and connectors that connect various parts in devices for many industries. As their manufacturer, we rely on many years of experience and provide top-class products ...

Wire Harnesses

For every industry and service

Wire harnesses are a collection of electrical wires and connectors used to connect various parts of equipment in many industries. As their manufacturer, we have many years of experience and supply products of the highest quality. To your order, we will prepare a series of wires or wire harnesses, made according to the specifics of the sockets and devices to be connected by the wire. We can also produce wire bundles according to your specifications, based on the recommendations of equipment designers, specifying all the parameters of the wire, i.e. wire thickness, type of sheath, sheath colour, specification of wire lugs.

We are able to produce wires and wire harnesses that are used as standard in various types of electronic and electrical equipment, including various types of standard connectors (printer wires, power supply wires, antenna wires, USB wires, HDMI wires, etc.) and various types of adapters (mini-HDMI-HDMI wires, monitor wires with digital-to-analogue transition, electrical adapters between EU and US standards, etc.). Our wires and wire harnesses will certainly be able to broaden your commercial offer in the field of accessories for electrical and electronic devices.


Wire harness manufacturer

Experience and practice since 1998

Wire harnesses are created on the basis of European standards and high quality standards. Production involves precision at every stage. This results in products that can meet the technical requirements set. In this case, each product is designed and manufactured to meet the needs of each customer. If an individual order is placed, every smallest detail is determined to ensure that we receive a product that meets the application and expectations of the customer. Production uses selected components and materials that are adapted to the environment in which they will be used. You can count on innovation and top quality.

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Wire harness manufacturing process

European standards and high quality standards

  • cutting and stripping of wires,
  • processing of multicore wires,
  • cutting of ribbon wires with IDC connector clamping,
  • tinning of wire ends,
  • soldering,
  • crimping of lugs (connectors),
  • laying of wire harnesses (wire harnesses of all types),
  • cutting and forming of ribbon components,
  • electrical short-circuit and sequence testing,
  • we work to ISO 9001 standards.

The entire wire harness production process is subject to strict quality control.

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Applications for wire harnesses

Industry, services, household

    automotive,                    climate control,
    mechanical engineering,           medical,
    telecommunications,          automation.

Wire harnesses work well in electronic and electrical systems, as well as when powering radios. The electronics industry uses harnesses to power drives and computer disks. In automation, electrical harnesses are used in the construction of equipment and industrial lines. Telecommunications, on the other hand, uses the products for data transmission and power supply. Medicine uses wiring harnesses in the control systems of medical apparatus, in probes, cameras or panel monitors.

Virtually every industry can benefit from such a manufacturer's offering. Production is often based on custom-made wires or entire wiring harnesses.